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What documentation is required to work on a river ship?

Each company has its own requirements and procedures when it comes to documentation, but there are provisions that are common to each.

The first thing you need to submit when you pass the interview is a scan of your passport and a completed personal information form. It is important that you submit it as soon as possible in order to get to the next step in the procedure, which is the visa.

The following are required for a visa:

● Valid passport
Work contract provided by the company
● Guarantee letter from the company
● Itinerary of the ship
● Completed application for the National D visa of the Republic of Germany
● Copies of passport pages and previous visas of the Republic of Germany
● Authorization for submission and collection of documents

For more information on visas, you can see this link.

After the visa is issued (or if you have an EU passport), preparations for embarkation begin.
The documentation you need to submit at this stage is as follows:

● Signed contract
● Medical completed by the chosen doctor
● Bank account information
● Police Clearance (for some companies).

Feron agency recruiters will guide you through the entire process so that all documents are filled out correctly and delivered on time.