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River Ships

If you would like to experience working with people from different countries, to travel all over the Europe and get paid for it, to live and eat for free, and to experience different life style, river cruises are right pick for you! Danube, Rhine, Main, Seine, Douro are waiting for you, set sail for your career.

Bliski Istok

Middle East

Working in one of the economic prestigious region is not only an opportunity for future brilliant career, but also a privilege because the selection of candidates is at a high level. If you are hardworking, willing to prove yourself, if you have a strong desire for achievement, this is a right destination for you!



Ocean Cruise

If you are seeking for a new adventure and want to experience the world in depth, we can offer you a job on some of the best ocean liners in the world. Don’t waste an opportunity to enjoy in luxury of ocean cruises, travel all around the world and work in multi-ethnical environment.


Automotive Industry

During past year Feron Agency has made major step forward and helped hundreds of people to get employed in couple of factories in Czech Republic. If you are hardworking, ready to work abroad and interested in automotive industry, we are sure that we will find a right job for you!

In order to apply please fill in our online CV application in English. You will need between 7-10 minutes to finish it.

By filling online CV application you will be in our database and we can always update you regarding new job openings.

For more information regarding CV application click here


To apply for a job, you need to fill out our application online CV application. Within the application you must specify what position you are applying for, to write down your complete work experience and what best describes your personality.

It is very important to write down your working experience chronologically starting with your last job. That will help the recruiters get a sense of your career so far and where you would like to work. Have in mind that CV application is very important as it is the first impression that recruiters have of a candidate

It is very important to fill out the application, only that way your CV will be in our data base and we can start your employment process. After filling our CV application we will have all the necessary information for further procedure and we can update the employer at shortest notice.

Filling CV application. is done online and it will take you about 10 minutes to finish it. It is essential that before filling your CV application. you have a scanned passport, passport size photo and a recommendations so that you can upload it with other data.

After filling all the fields and uploading the required documents check in the box "I am not a robot" and then click the button "submit" at the end of the screen.

After you have completed the entire application and clicked the "submit", check your email. You will receive confirmation mail within 5 minutes.

If you are not getting confirmation mail, please feel free to contact us by e-mail and telephone to find out if whether your application is successfully submited.

It is difficult to accurately answer but it may be between a week, and a year and a half, depending on the position and the program you are applying for.

Candidates that don't meet the requirements or their business profile does not fit the position will not be processed.

If you feel unsecure or you prefer not to, you do not need to upload it. But once you get into a procedure of obtaining a job your future employer will ask for you to provide us with your passport copy.

River cruise season starts in March and ends in November. Some companies have winter cruises so the season for them ends in January.

As for the Ocean cruise, Middle East and Automotive industry season never ends. The employment process is happening all through the year.

1. Filling in the application

2. Interview with our recruiter - this is the preselection interview via Skype. If you pass the interview next step is:

3. Sending your CV to the potential employer - note that sometimes the employer you are interested in doesn't take applications at the moment so maybe you will have to wait for your application to be sent.

4. Interview with the employer - if the employer is interested in your CV they will ask for an interview to be scheduled. Interview can be via Skype or face-to-face, depending on the employer.

5. Getting a contract - if the employer is satisfied with the interview and if there is an open position for you, employer will offer you a contract.

6. Obtaining work visa - some candidates have to get a work visa. Duration of this process depends on the embassy.

7. Joining your company and first day of work!

1. Get informed about business and the company’s policy for the position you are applying. All necessary information is available on the official website of a company but you can also find it through some friends, business partners, seminars, workshops, etc.

2. Try to compose your CV so that it does not sound unrealistic but is consistent with your age, education and experience. So, avoid lying in a resume , as it would be revealed sooner or later. Try to emphasize your strengths and abilities.

5 Tips you should follow before you go and during your interview for a new job:

1. Try to be there on time, get up earlier and get ready without stress and hurry. If you have a Skype interview then you MUST check: your internet connection (if it is not the best go to your friend’s or to a internet café because you do not want to fail your interview due to the bad connection), make sure your camera works properly (the recruiter has to be sure that he/she is speaking with real candidate), check your profile photo and message on skype profile, it must not contain offensive or in appropriate content.

2. Dress yourselves appropriate, without any striking details and eccentric hairstyles and makeup. (if the interview is for a job in the field of art, then a dose of eccentricity is desirable)

3. Try to look focused, not haggard and indecisive. If you think that you do not have a clear image of what you want to do and in which areas you will be the best, or if you are not in the position to choose, do not let it be obvious.

4. Do not speak ill of your previous employer. None of your prospective employers want to hear that, because that means that they can be found in the same position.

5. Be calm, but not too much, try to find a golden middle, you should not seem neither too tense nor too relaxed. Try to look interested, not passive. Try to ask logical and sensible questions, but only when the recruiter finishes with questions.

Do not forget that the interview assesses not only your knowledge, but also your behavior, attitude, demeanor, manner of communication and appreciation of the recruiters. All of this is included into the final decision, will you go into the next round of selection and reach the goal or not!

These are just some of useful advices, which we are hoping will help you to get a job. Think positively, work on yourself, be informed about everything and be persistent.

Source: iSerbia.rs

FERON DOO is the fastest growing recruiting company in the region. Our company is building quite a reputation of providing service and building lasting relationships by placing the highest quality candidates.

In cooperation with relevant institutions in this area, as well as with regional vocational schools, we are looking for a quality working staff with main focus on Eastern Europeans for some of the world's largest companies.

We follow our vision of expanding the daily offer and providing the candidates with fair conditions of competition for job positions where their professional skills and experience play the crucial role.

Feron agency has recruitment licence issued by Ministry of labour of Republic of Serbia.

Our Vision:

We strive to provide every candidate a possibility to gain experience, to work and to have financial security.

Our Mission:

FERON serves as a strategic partner for companies for finding the missing piece of the their puzzle for a perfect team.

We are happy to offer a chance to make your life exciting, to experience something new, see the world, meet new cultures, gain new friendships, travel and earn money at the same time.

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