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Jasmina, 38 years, Maitre d’- Viking

Why did you first apply for a job on a ship?

I wanted to feel what it’s like to live on a ship. I applied to do the job I was trained for, in order to gain experience in the hospitality industry. Besides, I wanted to visit Europe.

What was the most difficult thing for you when you started working on a ship?

Language. Although I am fluent in English, many of the nations on board have their own accents, slang, and abbreviations. There are many different names for dishes, foods, and procedures that I have never heard of before. With persistence and patience, everything came into place.

What are the advantages of working on a riverboat?

Every day is a new port. Although the work is hard, you can always find a few hours during the day to go out of the ship. I had the opportunity to visit every city in which the ship was docked. Crew members have the opportunity to go on excursions and tours with guests. We have two days off during the month, and in addition, we also have a vacation. Good food for employees is a good start to the day.

What challenges did you face on a daily basis?

A number of unforeseen circumstances can happen on board. Technical problems, unexpected loading of food, too high or too low water level, lack of workers… Experience teaches us to deal with such situations.

What advice would you give to the people who go on a ship for the first time?

Persistence, patience, willingness to work, willingness to learn something new, and respect for the ship’s rules are something everyone has to be prepared for. Respect yourself and others, always take care of your health, and be prepared for long working hours on the ship and all of this will always be appreciated.