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Before leaving for the ship, there is certain documentation that each candidate must collect. Feron Agency informs candidates about all steps of the procedure and it is very important to note that candidates should not prepare documents until they receive information and instructions from Feron Agency.

One of the main documents required is a doctor’s certificate of readiness for work, the so-called Medical.

Each company has its own form for the medical examination, which will be delivered to candidates in a timely manner. The companies do not require that the medical examination be done in a special clinic, but it is up to the candidate to go to the general practitioner of his choice and do the examination. If the selected national general practitioner is willing to fill out the form in English, it is always advised that candidates try to do the examination there first in order to avoid additional costs. Other options are occupational medicine or private practices.

For example, river companies do not provide shoes, so staff are expected to bring them. The staff in the kitchen wears so-called „safety shoes“, i.e. black protective work shoes. As for the waiters, they generally wear plain, comfortable, black, leather shoes with non-slip soles. The same applies to reception and managerial positions. Personnel working in the housekeeping sector wear white or black footwear depending on the requirements of the company they are going to work for. Footwear must be plain without markings. Each candidate receives detailed instructions on what kind of footwear to bring.

Some of the companies also ask for a police clearance. The certificate of criminal record must be translated into English or German by an authorized translator. An apostille stamp from the court is not required. Since not all companies require a criminal record certificate, candidates should not obtain a criminal record on their own until they are informed to do so.

Some companies also ask for a birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce certificate. If it is necessary to submit one of the extracts, we advise you to obtain an international extract from the registrar, which is multilingual. Another option is to take an extract in Serbian and have it translated into English or German by an authorized translator. Since only some of the companies require statements, candidates are asked to wait for instructions from the agency if and when to prepare certain documents.

When it comes to the organization of the trip to the boarding point, it is important to note that there are companies that organize the trip in full or in part, as well as companies that refund a certain amount of money for travel expenses, but the candidate is obliged to buy a ticket to the boarding point.

If the company you are going to work for, partially organizes the trip (for example – the company buys a plane ticket to a bigger city, and the candidate is obliged to get to the embarkation place by bus/train) or if the candidate is obliged to completely organize the trip himself, it is very important that the candidate keeps receipts and tickets so that the money for them will be refunded.

Important note: No company refunds taxi charges.

Places of embarkation are usually larger cities such as Amsterdam, Cologne, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, or cities that are well connected to larger cities and easily accessible.