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Company name: Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours
Company headquarters: Sydney, New South Wales
Date of incorporation: 1986
Fleet size: 12

The Scenic route to global success started in 1986 with coach tours operating throughout Australia. Over the years, new markets were discovered and developed. A new historic chapter commenced in 2008 as Scenic took on the exciting world of river cruises. Since then, Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours has continued to grow the Scenic Space-Ship fleet, and today they have a grand total of 12 ships sailing across the rivers of Europe including, the Rhine, Main and Danube, the French rivers, the Douro river in Portugal, as well as on the Volga River in Russia.

Emerald Cruises was founded in 2013 as Emerald Waterways and is part of the Scenic Group. Emerald Cruises is an award-winning travel operator specializing in deluxe river cruises. Their fleet of 5 Star-Ships has been custom-built to sail Europe’s Rhine, Main, Moselle, Danube, Rhȏne, Douro, and Volga rivers, with each one home to a range of stylish innovations.

Scenic’s Headquarters is located in Zug, Switzerland. Their goal is to operate the Scenic Group fleet with the best resources available. When they talk about resources, they mean people. They are committed to finding and nourishing the best new talents in the industry.

At Scenic, they believe in positive attitude and passion for your work, in proven work experience with establishments which taught you everything you know today. Their selection process follows these principles. Amazing People Creating Wonder is their mantra, and they go to great lengths to ensure they select only those people who can create memorable guest experiences.

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