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Company name: River Cruise Services Ltd
Company headquarters: Nicosia, Cyprus
Date of incorporation: 2009

River Cruise Services is a Cypriot Company which specializes in providing integrated & holistic Human Resources and Management Services to the river cruise industry. Company was established in 2009 and is based in Nicosia Cyprus Strategic offering its services to river cruise ships sailing the European rivers.

RCS is hiring and managing crew members for Europe’s elegant river cruise ships. The vessels are floating first-class hotels operating on Dutch and Belgian rivers, on the Rhine, Main, Moselle and Danube from Amsterdam to the Black Sea. As independent expert for on-board human resources and cruise services management, company engages crews for its own needs, without commissions or other financial liabilities for our future employees.

At the moment the company is actively recruiting personnel for a number of vacant positions on board their associate river cruise ships. They are offering you the experience of a career of exceptional quality.

Their philosophy of outstanding service, unchallenged enthusiasm and team spirit is personified by all their employees – people who share a single focus and are inspired to offer excellent hospitality and a smooth nautical operation of the cruise vessels. The main objective of the company is to design high performance work practice systems, oriented for the specific activity of the crew members, with direct benefits in productivity, quality and flexibility. Therefore, their continual modern vocational training programs are seen not as a cost but as investment in human capital. If you also have a passion to provide great service, and want to be a part of one of the fastest growing sectors of the world economy, the career opportunities at River Cruise Services may be for you.

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