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As is known, the catering industry suffered a great crisis in 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic began. Many companies moved their seasons or completely suspended them, in accordance with the measures and conditions at the time that did not allow ships to sail.

When we look back at 2021, we will notice that companies have started to slowly return to work, but in a significantly reduced capacity. The boardings took place later than usual, mostly in the summer. There were significantly fewer guests, and therefore the crew as well.

Encouraged by the large number of people infected by the coronavirus, the governments of some countries have introduced mandatory vaccination as a system of protection of citizens. In countries where vaccination is not mandatory, other measures for unvaccinated individuals have often been introduced, such as the inability to cross the border, ban on entering various public facilities, etc., all to reduce the number of infected. River and ocean companies, as well as all employers, are obliged to apply protective measures of their countries and appeal to employees to adhere to them. It should be pointed out that these measures can be variable and depend primarily on the current epidemiological situation. In this regard, vaccination can often be a condition for employment abroad.
At this moment, we are glad to be able to announce that the work on the ships is slowly returning to its regular course and that there are great chances that this year’s boarding will start as usual – just before the start of the season, that is in spring. We sincerely hope that everything will be in the best order and that the crew will board on time and have a peaceful and pleasant voyage.