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When it comes to working on a rivership, one of the most common questions is what the whole procedure regarding obtaining a work visa looks like.
The procedure, in cooperation with the Feron agency, in most cases looks like this:
The first step towards the goal is the acceptance of the job offer by the company for work on the rivership. This is followed by an agreement with the company and the candidate on when to apply for a work visa, according to the planned date of boarding. The next level is the collection and submission of the necessary documentation to the agency, by the company and the candidates. The easier part of the job follows, that is, the arrival of the candidate in the office of the Feron agency to finalize and sign the documentation. The prepared documentation is submitted to the Visa Center, after which biometric data are left.
When the visa is ready, the passport is taken over, the only thing to do is to wait for boarding.
It is not possible to give a precise answer to the question “How long do you have to wait for a visa”, because the processing of the request depends exclusively on the competent consulate and the bodies with which it cooperates in that process. It is important to know that from the moment the applications are submitted at the visa center, the Feron Agency has no direct or indirect influence on how long the reception and realization of someone’s request will take. What we can say from practice is that the waiting period for someone can be shorter, and for someone longer, and that the date of application may not be relevant in terms of the order of realization of the request. Statistically, most applications are successfully approved without the need to delay the start of the contract or cancel it.