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Company name: River Advice AG
Company headquarters: Basel, Switzerland
Date of incorporation: 2004
Fleet size: 100

River Advice AG is the leading independent manager of passenger ships with an operation in the river vessel markets. River Advice manages and operates a fleet of more than 45 passenger cruise ships under a combination of nautical, technical, hotel and catering management, and provide services ranging from planning, financing, supervision of new-buildings, and the refurbishment of existing vessels, to sales and charter activities as well as the insurance handling for the vessels. River Advice does not compete with its clients in the ownership of vessels, or with their charterers in the sale and marketing of cruises.

Company is the leading independent manager of river passenger ships worldwide. They offer hundreds of career opportunities for those who seek to be a part of a professional company. At River Advice they place a high value on service and professionalism, ensuring that their clients and passengers feel like they are always receiving the best treatment.

At River Advice they make sure that all crew members feel like they are part of one big family. By working on a River Advice ship, crew members are setting the course for their future success.  River Advice holds high standards for professionalism to ensure that crew members have what it takes to achieve their dreams. Crew members will also benefit from River Advice’s vast and well-established international network, which offers an impressive range of career opportunities.

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