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River Ships

If you would like to experience working with people from different countries, to travel all over the Europe and get paid for it, to live and eat for free, and to experience different life style, river cruises are right pick for you! Danube, Rhine, Main, Seine, Douro are waiting for you, set sail for your career.

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Middle East

Working in one of the economic prestigious regions is not only an opportunity for future brilliant career, but also a privilege because the selection of candidates is at a high level. If you are hardworking, willing to prove yourself, if you have a strong desire for achievement, this is a right destination for you!

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Ocean Cruise

If you are seeking a new adventure and want to experience the world in depth, we can offer you a job on some of the best ocean liners in the world. Don’t waste an opportunity to enjoy in luxury of ocean cruises, travel all around the world and work in multi-ethnical environment.

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Automotive Industry

During past year Feron Agency has made a major step forward and helped hundreds of people to get employed in multiple factories in Czech Republic. If you are hardworking, willing to work abroad and interested in automotive industry, we are sure that we will find a right job for you!

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