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What should a CV look like?

A CV is a summary of your work experience, education, and skills in a written document.

The purpose of a CV is to present information about a candidate to a potential employer.

It is also your first presentation to an employer, so it is very important to apply for a job with a properly written CV.

What should a CV contain?

1. Picture and personal data: name, surname and contact – phone number, address and email
2. Work experience – when listing work experience, the record must be in reverse chronological order, more precisely, the most recent work experience should be at the top
The format in which your work experience is listed should look like this:
● The name of the position in which you work
● Company name
● Dates from when you worked for that company
● A brief summary of job duties in that position
3. Education
4. Knowledge of foreign languages – it is mandatory to indicate at what level you speak languages (eg B2-C1)

What should a CV look like?

Even though you have an impressive work history, your CV will not catch the eye an employer if it is not formatted correctly. When formatting your CV pay attention to the following:
1. File format – use pdf or word file type
2. Clear and legible font
3. Clearly divided sections – this will allow recruiters to distinguish and find the sections they are interested in
4. Use neutral colors – makes your CV more professional and easy to read
5. Avoid images that take up a lot of space and look unprofessional
6. Use bullet points – they help convey important information clearly.