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What positions are available on river ships?

Given that our clients are river cruisers, basically hotels on water, regular hospitality positions are always available. However, there might as well be some openings in the Nautical department.

There are several sections on river ships:

● Restaurant and bar
● Kitchen
● Housekeeping
● Reception and management (Front desk)
● Entertainment
● Spa
● Nautical

● Restaurant and bar:
Available positions in this department are restaurant and bar waiter, bartender, and restaurant manager.

● Kitchen:
The lowest position in the kitchen is the dishwasher. Cook positions are divided into several levels: assistant chef, or Commis de Cuisine, Demi Chef, Chef de Partie, and finally Sous and Executive Chef. In addition, the position of Pastry Chef is occasionally open.

● Housekeeping:
Part of the crew that deals with the maintenance of rooms and common areas can work in the following positions:
Laundry steward, stateroom/cabin steward, and housekeeper.

● Front desk:
If you have experience, you can work on the ship as a hotel manager, chief receptionist, and receptionist.

● Entertainment:
It is important to point out that not all companies have this department. However, positions for musicians and tour guides are occasionally offered.

● Spa:
Some companies have beauty salons and spas. Working there as a hairdresser, masseur, fitness trainer, and beautician is possible.

● Nautical:
If you want to work on a river ship as a sailor, engineer, or captain, you must have substantial experience in the positions and adequate qualifications.