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What job offers are available?

Our specialty is jobs at river ships. However, our agency, with a tradition of 10 years, grows fast and offers a wide range of job opportunities abroad.

It is important to point out that our goal is to gain and maintain the trust of our candidates, therefore, every job offer is verified, legal, and safe.

When it comes to working in the hospitality industry, we offer jobs on river ships, in Austria, on the coast of Croatia and Montenegro, and for those who are ready for further destinations, there are jobs in the Middle East and ocean ships.

We are open for hospitality-related applications throughout the whole year, with the largest number of positions available during the winter, before the start of the season. The best time to apply is October, November, and December. Regardless, there are always openings for chefs, as well as German-speaking candidates. Wherever you go, you can be sure that you will have our support through the whole process.

As for other positions, there is also demand for various personnel outside the hospitality industry. For example, if you speak German, you can work from home in call centers or at customer support positions. If you do not have work experience or sufficient qualifications, but you want the opportunity to advance and earn money, we offer various training programs.

But that’s not all… Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find a job ad that interests you. Send us your CV, and we will find you an offer in accordance with your work experience and capabilities.