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Regarding uniform, it is important to emphasize that companies prepare uniforms for employees, but employees are definitely expected to bring certain pieces of clothing and shoes.

For example, river companies do not provide shoes, so staff is expected to bring them. The staff in the kitchen wears so-called „safety shoes“, i.e. black protective work shoes. As for the waiters, they generally wear plain, comfortable, black, leather shoes with non-slip soles. The same applies to reception and managerial positions. Personnel working in the housekeeping sector wear white or black footwear depending on the requirements of the company they are going to work for. Footwear must be plain without markings. Each candidate receives detailed instructions on what kind of footwear to bring.

In terms of clothing, chefs must bring their own chef’s uniform as well as a set of knives. Staff working as dishwashers wear a T-shirt and comfortable trousers.

When it comes to waiters, they are usually expected to wear black pants (some companies ask for navy blue pants), white shirts, black socks, and a black belt.

Valets wear black, white, or gray trousers and matching polo shirts, which vary from company to company. It is also necessary to bring a white shirt.

Once again, we note that each candidate receives a detailed and precise list of things that need to be brought by e-mail in a timely manner.