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Milica, 27 years, Viking – Chef de rang

Why did you first apply for a job on a ship?

The reason why I applied was to earn a good amount of money in a short time, obtain international work experience, and get to know, and explore various European countries and cultures.

What was the most difficult thing for you when you started working on a ship?

Sharing personal space with unknown people.

What are the advantages of working on a river ship?

The ship is not for everyone. Discipline and strict rules are something you will face on a river ship. I think that working on a ship made me stronger, and I consider that one of the advantages. In addition, the opportunity to improve a foreign language and make connections with people around the world is an advantage.

What challenges did you face on a daily basis?

Expectations of guests and management towards employees, as well as establishing good communication with colleagues.

What advice would you give to the people who go on a ship for the first time?

Be patient and always keep in mind why you came and what you want to gain. Believe in yourself, and fight for yourself and your results.