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Preparation for the interview

A job interview is a next step after a successful job application. The fact that you have reached this step means only one thing – the company to which you applied is interested in your profile and expressed a desire to get to know you better. It is certainly already a great success.

However, even though you are already halfway to employment, the interview should be taken seriously – showing up is not enough.

During the interview, the company will decide whether your profile matches their expectations and will also assess whether you will be able to adapt to their team and values.

Regardless of the employer and the position, there are some general rules that will increase the chances of making a good first impression at the interview which will lead to a job offer.

How to make a good impression and how to prepare for an interview, you will find out below:

● Prepare in advance how you want to present yourself.
By this, we do not advise you to reflect on your work experience, but also on your motivation. What made you choose the path you took, what do you like about your profession and where do you see yourself in the future, why did you apply for this particular job… These are the questions that recruiters most often ask their candidates and it is important that you prepare an answer to them. It is important to keep in mind that money should not be the only motivation for applying for a job.

● Practice your English.
Since you have applied for a job abroad, English is a must. Although it may seem that you speak English perfectly and that you understand everything, it often happens that candidates experience a block due to nervousness and therefore do not show their real knowledge. To prevent inconvenience, practice introducing yourself in English and try to speak as fluently and confidently as you can.

● Dress formally.
Although the „casual“ dress code is increasingly popular in the workplace, putting effort into appearance is interpreted by recruiters as a good sign and an indication that the candidate really cares about presenting himself as professionally as possible during the interview. Instead of a sweatshirt, sport shirt and jeans put on a shirt and trousers. We guarantee that your chances of getting a job offer will increase significantly.

● Smile and be polite
In our experience, candidates who are pleasant, smiling and warm almost always pass the interview. Even if your work experience is not at the level the company expects, they will recognize a good attitude and motivation. If you have applied for a job in the hospitality industry, these qualities are more than desirable. We know that nervousness often has a negative effect on candidates, but if you follow the previous steps, you will significantly reduce your fear of the interview.

Inform yourself about the company to which you have applied.

Every employer respects a candidate who does some research before the interview. During times when there are so many job offers, and when one applies to so many advertisements that it is impossible to keep track of where all the CVs are sent, the minimal effort can make a big difference and set you apart from other applicants who forgot which ad they applied for.