Marina Š. - Testimonial from Viking

10. Nov 2016.

Marina's dream was to work for Viking. Read about her experience.


Because of the general bad situation in my home country, and mostly because of the problems with work and finding a job – people getting fired, 250 euros salaries, mobbing, stress – and encouraged by my friends who work on ships for years I started thinking about that job so I could earn and save money for a more normal life. Everything so far was just for survival. Armed with my friend's advice I went on a quest to get that job. With my bad English and little experience I called the agency and was shooting for the stars. I wanted to be where I am today. Of course, at the time that wasn't possible so I went on an ocean cruise to get some experience.


I had a wonderful 6 months of travelling through Europe and America with a big and successful company, a lot of friends, but also a lot of stress, work and sleepless nights. I was quickly promoted from a position of Room service attendant to Assistant waiter. That took a lot of training and studying, of course. For the last two months I worked as a waitress in Dinning room. Very proud of my success and aware that work on river ship could bring me a “golden” career and enough money to afford myself a normal life, I’ve decided to follow my dreams and after I finished my contract I called the agency to apply for the river ship.


With the same dreams and desires I finally got on a river ship but not with the company I wished for. It was a step in the right direction towards my goal. Change was harder than it was supposed to be due to the higher force. I just ended up on a wrong ship and from the beginning I was struggling with injuries. That resulted with me breaking bones in both feet. But everything is with a reason because I finally got the chance to apply for Viking for the position I wanted.


Now I work for Viking as Chef de rang. I've been here for 2 months and I feel excellent. Don't think that this is easy money. I work harder than ever and I have far more responsibilities than ever. There is a lot of side jobs, pace is very fast, and I still don't know everything. Work hours are long, you sleep 5 hours a day (if you're lucky), you get really tired and stressed, but you earn a nice amount of money. This is not everybody. Definitely! It is all about money because we are all here for the money, if we are being honest.


All in all, this was the best decision I ever made in my life. With the support of my parents, friends, my boyfriend and with my strong will I will continue to work on this job as long as I can. Dragan from Feron agency played a big part in this story. He knew my whole story from the beginning – from the moment I came out of the blue and said “I want to work for Viking” until I actually started working for the company.


Today when I think about it I see how much persistence, ambition and desire is required so that someone would embark on this journey. I can also see how people who are working in HR have to be real psychologists in order to find the best people for the job. Of course, my heart sank when I couldn't achieve what I imagined, but after a year of struggling I am here. Special thank to Feron agency from Belgrade. All of them were very kind and helpful the whole time. I already mentioned Dragan. I have never seen him, but he knows his job and does it well. I honestly hope, next time when I will need their help it will be to tell them that I am renewing my contract for Viking because I am where I wanted to be :)


Marina Š.