5 reasons to work on a ship!

10. Nov 2016.

Working on a cruise ship may not be all that is cracked up to be but there are a lot of good things if you choose this line of work. Here are some top reasons why you should embark on such an adventure (pun intended):


1. Working with people from all over the world

Working with people from different countries is very enriching. You meet new cultures, new languages. On ocean cruises there are often parties that celebrate different festivals and traditions from everyone in the crew. This will not make you a cultural expert but you will get a glimpse of some other culture.


2. You travel the world and get paid for it

Sounds to good to be true? Work is hard but there are a lot of benefits. On your days off you can see different cities and countries. If you have an opportunity go on a organized ship tour. That will be the best use of your time.


3. Experience a different life style

if you are working on a luxury cruise ship you can see many thing you couldn't imagine before. There is an abundance of delicious food and out of this world landscapes. If you are in the entertainment department you will be rubbing elbows with the guests with fascinating lives and stories.


4. Rent free life

While you are employed at the cruise ship not only you are getting your salary every month, but there are no bills and rent to pay. You can be saving money each month.


5. Weather is always good

Most of the cruise ships go to exotic destinations where the weather is pleasant all year round. Unless your cruise ship is going to Alaska. Then bring a jacket.