Interview tips

30. Mar 2016.


- Get familiar with the company and person interviewing you. That will ensure there is no awkwardness in the conversation.

- Have several copies of your resume and organize any other materials you are taking with you.

- Turn off your cell phone. Putting it on vibrate is not good enough as it could distract you if it start buzzing.

- Do not be late! Give yourself an extra 20 minutes to arrive as there could be some traffic jams.

The Interview

- FIRST IMPRESSION: Walk, talk and look the part. Be confident but not cocky. Maintain eye contact, present a strong handshake, and smile!

- ONE MINUTE PITCH: Prepare for the question: "Tell me something about yourself" by planning out your focus points and emphasizing relevant skills that you have early in the interview.

- AVOID NEGATIVE STATEMENTS: Even if you are asked a somewhat negative question, always portray yourself in a positive light, and never talk bad about a former boss.

- YOUR SKILLS: Focus on skills you can implement immediately. Employers want to hear how you could contribute to their company immediately. 

- TELL YOUR STORY: Support your claim of being the best candidate by providing examples of situation where you developed, enhanced, or used specific relevant skills.

- MONEY: Wait until the end or least half way through the interview to ask about the salary. 


- Always send a thank you note after your interview. The format of the note may depend on the type of company you had an interview with.

- Do not tweet! No matter how badly you may want to update your social media status, do not share the details of your interview on the internet. Your interviewer may be checking up on you online.