30. Mar 2016.

Please tell us something about yourself (where are you from, how old are you, where do you work and where do you live)?

My name is Nenad N. from Indjija and I am 29 years old. My friends call me Sho Ne. I am currently in Abu Dhabi, where I live and work, for a few months now, and I am employee in a high end restaurant BarFly by Buddha Bar.


How did you get the idea to look for a job abroad?

Everyone who has lived or lives in Serbia has an idea of working abroad so it didn’t take much for me to decide to take this step. We are all aware of the situation our country is in and that young people are leaving Serbia without much thought, to seek one’s fortune, as they would say. It is important to have a goal and to pursue it.


Was it your first working experience abroad?

That was not my first touch with life and work out of Serbia. As a teenager I have been traveling a lot, but mostly as a tourist. I have visited many countries and if you ask me which ones, I could not remember all of them. That was good experience, because you meet a lot people, different nationalities, you improve your knowledge of English, you meet with different life challenges and you meet a different way of living.


Why the Middle East?

Great question. The Middle East is a challenge by itself. It is opportunity to see yourself in a different light with totally different life style, your life changes upside down from the moment you set foot on ground of Emirates. Somehow the Middle East imposed itself, having in mind how much it was said about it in last few years, and how much progress they have made in all fields.

I would not say that everything is great here and that is all peachy, some people manage to find their way, some do not. If you are a strong person and if you stand with both feet firmly on the ground, then this is it. I was reading a lot about life style, culture, traditions and about people in Middle East before I came here. I wanted it. To be here where I am now. And I managed. The people who know me, my friends and family, know how much I wanted to be a part of this world.


When you go back to the beginning of your job seeking abroad, how hard it was for you to get informed and to get prepared to apply?

I can not say that it was difficult to get informed, today everyone has access to the Internet where you can read job offers and to get informed about it, but even then you should be careful. Thanks to Feron for coming through and giving me this opportunity, because in that company everything is safe, clear and correct, without lies and tricks. But I have to say that you need to have good working experience in order to start the procedure of employment.


How long the procedure of employment was and what was the hardest thing for you?

The procedure was no longer than 3 months, from the moment I have applied in Feron until the moment of my departure, in the meantime I had the skype interview with employer from Abu Dhabi, who has sent all necessary documentation.


Was everything provided for you or it was on you to find accommodation?

Regarding the accommodation, we did not have to find it on our own, because every management who employs foreigners, is obligated to provide accommodation, food and transportation to and from work. That is not so bad for the beginning?


What were your first impression when you arrived there?

The first impression was stunning, everything is shiny, Abu Dhabi looked like a computer mother board at night, because we landed at 8.30 pm. Of course, in next few days we went sightseeing as much as we could and we visited the biggest sights where all tourist usually go. That impression is still strong after five months.


What is your daily routine in Abu Dhabi?

My usual day here looks same as in Serbia, work – home, shopping, going out with friends, night life, cinema, go to a beach, sometimes on weekends I go to Dubai to meet up with friends from Serbia. And everything is the same, but so different.


Does your salary, and tips, cover your living costs in Abu Dhabi?

You can get the answer to this question if you see the photos I have sent or if you visit ShoNe channel on Youtube ;)). And if you ask me if it is possible to save money, the answer is yes, it is possible if you spend your money rationally.


What do you miss the most from Serbia?

I do not miss many things from Serbia. My friends and family. That is all, everything else I have here. Ok, almost everything, sometimes I want to drink beer, but here I can not buy it at every step like in Serbia, so I drink one beer in three weeks . Regarding the food, everything can be found here, there are Balkans shops with our products. As for pork - I did not eat at home, except for St. Nicolas, so I am not one of those who miss it.


What would you say to those candidates who want to apply and try to live abroad, but cannot make that final decision?

Anyone who has the desire and the will to leave Serbia should do it without thinking and without a fear of unknown. UAE is one of the safest countries in the world in every sense. There is a lot of rules related to their faith and way of life, but I believe that anyone can easily adjust. A lot of Serbian people live and work here, and if they were satisfied in Serbia, then they would not leave the country. Neither would I. Regards to all the readers and all the best!